The doors anticipate me and open by themselves.
I enter slowly with a lot of ceremony up my ass.
And the entire intercontinental atmosphere
Tickles me here and here, and there.
Terminal, Je t'aime, I love you.
Terminal, Bella mia.
 -Meir Ariel- (Rough/personal translation).
Hello, my friend, and thank you for coming by.
My name is Jane Rosewood, I’m 28 years old and I have a story to tell you.
Now, the small details of who am I, where I come from, and what I'm doing with my life are really not so important. You'll get to know the "real me" as you read along. The thing that matters most is the story.
It begins about four years ago, in a crazy trip to India. During this trip, I experienced things that went far beyond my wildest dreams. Some of my adventures were so unbelievable that even my overdeveloped imagination could barely encompass them.
I'll admit; this experience of mine was a private journey and when I got home, I definitely had no intention of sharing it with the rest of the world. I changed my mind when I saw how my friends reacted to the bits and pieces I revealed to them.
I think what sealed the deal for me was one comment by an animator friend of mine. She said: "Oh my god! This is one of the craziest stories I've ever heard. If you're not going to do anything with it, can I animate it?"
My response was: "You know what? Hold that thought. I think I am going to do something."
So this blog is just me, doing something with my story. I consider it a sort of personal experiment to see if I really do have something interesting to say, something that people would want to read and maybe even want to share with others. So here it is: my full, uncensored, story.
It's important to say that all of the events and situations inscribed herein are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The only things I've changed are the names of the people involved, in order to protect their privacy.
I hope you'll find my story to be as weird, funny, emotional, happy, insane, fascinating, arousing, exiting, and inspiring as I did and still do every time I think about it.
Have a pleasant journey. You're in for a hell of a ride.
Jane R.



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