How Travel Changed Me

Travel. I can't think of anything else.

I literally cannot imagine anything else except selling the rest of the unnecessary crap I have, buying a one way ticket, and flying away for good.

I came back from my trip to India about 4 years ago, but I didn't come back the same. I think I left some of the old me back in India. Somewhere out there, there's a scared and confused Jane walking around the streets of New Delhi eating tali and drinking chai while wondering why she was left behind.

I’ve been thinking about traveling again so much over the last four years that I wasn’t able to do, or even wanting to do, the “normal” stuff that all the other people around me were doing.

I wasn’t able to leave my dead end job, but I wasn’t able to be a productive employee, either. I wasn’t able to find a relationship, nor did I really want one that would interrupt my future travel plans. I was obsessed with my desire to travel, but it didn’t seem logical or possible to just leave everything and go for a long adventure. And since I don’t believe in short trips, I couldn’t travel at all.

I was in limbo.

A year ago I was so tired, burned out, and depressed that my mom just couldn't see me like that anymore, so she suggested: “Why don't you go to Thailand for a while?”

It wasn’t what I wanted, but I realized that if I didn't get some rest I'd go batshit crazy.

So I convinced my boss to release me for a month and a half. I went to Thailand and Laos and it was another amazing, insane, life changing trip. During this backpacking adventure, I met a lot of people that were traveling for a year or more. I was so sad when the trip ended and I thought to myself: "Why can’t I do that?"

When I came back home again, I realized something had changed. It wasn't just the self-confidence, independence, and sheer happiness that grew like in the last trip. This time I understood that I couldn’t go back to my old lifestyle and my numbing routine. I just couldn't do that anymore.

Travel is not just a spoiled whim I was having like a two year-old having a tantrum. It’s something that I really wanted to do and needed to make it happen.

I started to search…

I was looking for something that can make my dream a reality.

I didn't know exactly what was I looking for until I found it.


Wait a minute, didn’t blogs died in the 90’s?!

Apparently they didn’t. Apparently there are a lot of people out there, traveling the world, blogging about it, and even making a living!

I couldn’t believe it. Is blogging something I could really do?

To tell you the truth, I didn’t have an answer to that question. In fact, I still don’t have one, but I figured that at this point in my life I have nothing to lose. My only loss would be to not try at all.

So on my 28 birthday, I gave myself a present.

I gave myself a travel blog.

This blog had given me new hope. The hope of doing something I love. And hopefully, soon enough, I will be heading on the biggest adventure of my life.

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